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Furnished Apartments Peterborough

Pick from one of our four furnished accommodations in Peterborough

Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, if you’re visiting the Peterborough area and need to stay somewhere that is homely, welcoming and spacious enough to maintain social distancing, we have you covered.

At SRK Serviced Accommodation we can offer Mayor’s Walk, Willow Lodge, Green View Lodge or Green View apartment of which are cleaned to the highest of standards and come equipped with hand sanitiser for guests. Better yet, both apartments have plenty of space for you and your guests to keep social distancing, as well as all the facilities you should need during your stay.

Our local attractions will keep you busy during your stay

Both our accommodations are just a short journey from plenty of fantastic spots for you to explore and enjoy:

So, to go ahead and book your stay at one of our beautiful furnished accommodations in Peterborough, just follow the steps on our website to view availability.

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