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5 Reasons Why Serviced Accommodation Is the Ultimate Travel Solution

Here at SRK Accommodation, serviced accommodation is the ultimate travel solution for every kind of traveller. But then, we would say that because we are somewhat biased. Nevertheless, all travellers will love what we offer as high-quality, comfortable and spacious serviced accommodation providers.

However, in this blog, we take an unbiased view and share 5 reasons our guests believe serviced accommodation is their ultimate travel solution.

The Space

Research shows that the average serviced accommodation is around 30% larger than the average hotel room. This means you will have more room to spread out and make yourself home. It’s worth noting that you don’t just get the bedroom when you book our serviced accommodation. There is extra living space, a kitchen, and a bedroom area. You’ll have room to cook and eat a meal, space to relax and space to sleep.

The Cost

You might think that as you get more space with serviced accommodation, you’ll also have a higher price tag. However, that isn’t the case. You will get the luxury accommodation you want without the hefty cost a hotel would charge you. When it comes to more guests staying, such as work colleagues, a family or a group of friends, you’ll see how much more cost-effective serviced accommodation is compared to separate hotel rooms.

The Feeling of Home

If you work away in an area for an extended time, you don’t want to be cramped in a hotel room with the same four walls. This is where serviced accommodation comes into its own. You’ll have a sizeable accommodating space that you can make your own. There will be space to cook your meals, grab a takeaway from nearby or go out for dinner if you choose. All the cutlery and crockery are supplied too. You don’t need to sit in bed and watch TV unless you want to. Instead, you can chill out on the sofa or work from the dining table.

The Flexibility

When you stay in our serviced accommodation, you have the flexibility to come and go as you, please. With the living space, there is the room to gather and socialise instead of being in your separate rooms or having to meet in the communal areas of a hotel. There are no set times to eat, so you can get up for breakfast when you want and go out for a meal or cook for yourself as you choose.

Great For All Travellers

If you’re on a business trip, serviced accommodation is ideal for you while you work in the local area. Maybe you are a contractor working on a local project, don’t fancy the commute back every night, and might also need accommodation for extended periods. Perhaps you and your friends want a city break to watch a football match, band or a show at the theatre? The serviced accommodation is ideal as you will have your rooms and a communal space to kick back and relax. Serviced accommodation is perfect for families who may have been split into separate rooms down the hall from each other in a hotel and can now share a ‘home’ together.

If you are looking for serviced accommodation in Peterborough, contact us today, as we would love to welcome you, you’ll be surprised by the space, flexibility and cost of your stay.

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