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Affordable Accommodation for Essential Contract Workers in Peterborough

We have seen a huge growth of essential contract workers in Peterborough. It seems now the UK is in lockdown, as long as social distancing rules are adhered too, work can continue. There is less traffic as people are in their homes on lockdown. This results in less disruption to the general public, and it means contract works can be completed faster too.

But what about accommodation in Peterborough?

Where essential contract workers may previously stay in hotels or bed and breakfasts, these are either shut for the lockdown or full of NHS workers. Hotels can be expensive too.

So why not consider serviced accommodation in Peterborough for essential contract workers? Serviced accommodation is still available. Here at SRK Accommodation, for example, we still have homes available. This is due to family holidays being cancelled or businesses closing, so clients or suppliers no longer requiring the accommodation they had booked with us.

Our accommodation offers a comfortable place to stay. With our accommodation across Peterborough, there will be a location close to your work too. It’s also affordable. We have two properties available one is a two-bed which can sleep six and has one bathroom. The other is a five-bed which can sleep ten and has three bathrooms. Due to social distancing, these properties are available to book the entire accommodation.

If you’re working away for more than a few nights at a time, you will prefer somewhere that feels like home, as opposed to a hotel room. Hotel rooms can feel unwelcoming, while our serviced accommodation in Peterborough is welcoming and comfortable. We offer a home from home.

One of the biggest downsides of staying in a hotel is the timing and inflexibility. They have a set check-in and check-out time. The hotel will also state what time the cleaners will be in and when your room needs to be empty for their arrival.

It’s not the same with serviced accommodation. We can often let you check-in at a time of your choice, and we offer the same flexibility with check out time too. Of course, we clean the accommodation and change the bedding every week, but we can do this around you and come at times that suit your needs. If you’re working a long day, through the night or your workers are covering shifts – we will work around you.

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation for essential contract workers in Peterborough; then give us a call now!

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