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"Growing our business during a worldwide pandemic"

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

So when the CV19 pandemic hit we had to make changes to our strategy. We focused more on providing accommodation for our key workers both here in the city and people coming into the city to support our medical and frontline teams.

We firstly had to change the way we cleaned our accommodations. Our covid safe practices were implemented (ie) We had to ensure that all of our properties were rigorously sanitised. We left each property vacant for for 48hours so it could be deep cleaned by an external company, and then checked by ourselves to ensure all standards had been met.

The other issue we found, which we had to work around, was our "Meet & Greet " personal service. So to lessen direct contact with our clients (due to covid rules / social distancing), we created a "Whatsapp Group" for each property, from there we were able to communicate with our clients so we were still able to meet any requests or needs during their stay and continue to build a rapport.

So during the first Six months of the pandemic we were limited to what we could offer our keyworkers due to only having two suitable properties at the time, but we then took on two new properties in December 2020 which are two brand new luxury apartments, in a secure gated private block. These are modern, light, open plan apartments with full kitchen appliances for our guests convenience.


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