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Short Term House Rentals In Peterborough

Whether you’re looking to visit or work in Peterborough, SRK Serviced Accommodation can offer short-term house rentals at highly competitive prices.


Our beautiful houses and apartments offer a superior living experience for anybody staying in this Cathedral city. Maintained and designed by hospitality specialists, each and every one offers a unique and luxurious experience.


Located 76 miles north of London, Peterborough has undergone a great deal of regeneration over the last few decades, with the council aiming to accommodate an additional 22,000 homes, 18,000 jobs and over 40,000 people living in this city in the next couple of years.


Whether you’re on holiday, visiting family or on a business trip, our quality accommodation can help you make the most of your time in Peterborough. Highly recommended by our previous visitors, SRK Serviced Accommodation works hard to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.


Are you still offering short-term rentals in Peterborough during the COVID-19 crisis?


We are currently able to rent out our houses to keyworkers during Coronavirus pandemic and once the lockdown is lifted, assured we’ll be back in business as soon as possible. Why not go on one of our virtual tours to get a taste of what we can offer?


If you need short-term house rentals in Peterborough, discover more about SRK Serviced Accommodation Peterborough today.

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