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Serviced Accommodation Benefits for the RAF During Relocation

There are a lot of RAF bases and American air bases in our local area. Very often, people are posted to the bases and still need to get a property in the area. This is one of the key benefits of serviced accommodation for RAF workers. We offer a home-from-home. This can work as a base while your new home is being made available or as a base to house hunt in the local area.

Let’s look at how serviced accommodation benefits RAF and American air base workers during relocation.

We know that relocating to a new area can be a challenging change. The relocation can become even more complicated if you have a young family or are moving a long way. House hunting can be tricky at the best times, but when you are far from the new location, buying the wrong property in the wrong place can be easy.

By using our serviced accommodation during your relocation, you will have a home to go back to. This gives you time to get used to your new job, new colleagues and the new area. Then, you have time to decide if the job and location suit you. Then, you can look for the right home for you and your family in the local area. There is no need to act in haste; you can take your time.

While a hotel room is an option for a night or two, it’s not ideal for longer stays. It certainly isn’t suitable for families either. A hotel room with have the bed and the bathroom you need, maybe a desk too – but that’s probably your limit. There will be no space to chill out or a separate room to put the kids to bed while you relax. In addition, you won’t be able to prepare meals or eat in your room. Instead, you’ll have to eat out. This often isn’t the healthiest way to eat. It can become costly, and it is hard to fit a bedroom routine around the opening hours of restaurants.

Your serviced accommodation is like a home from home. You will have all the separate bedrooms you need. There is a lounge space with a TV, a dining table for meals to be enjoyed, and you will have a kitchen too. This means you can do your own washing at ‘home’ and prepare and enjoy meals just like you would normally.

Choosing a rented property is another option when relocating, but these come with contracts. You will have to stay in the rented accommodation for a set amount of time. If you were to find your dream home in the meantime, you would be tied into a contract and could lose money to the landlord or miss out on your dream home.

With our serviced accommodation, you’re not tied into any long-term agreements or contracts. We can also offer discounts on longer stays to help save you more money for your next home.

Are you relocating with the RAF to the local area? Call us now to find out more about our serviced accommodation in the local area.

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