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How Serviced Accommodation Offers Cost Effective Solutions for Longer Stays

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

If you are looking for long-term accommodation for yourself, your family or work colleagues, there may be better options than a hotel or bed and breakfast. Serviced accommodation offers a cost-effective solution for extended stays. There are lots of key features that distinguish long-stay serviced accommodation from hotels. These features enable serviced accommodation to provide a more cost-effective, more amicable, longer-stay solution.

While serviced accommodation doesn’t offer the services of a hotel, such as room service, restaurant or lounge, it does have other benefits. For example, serviced accommodation is more spacious and functional. This will be far more useful during extended stays than the same restaurant and bar that could quickly become boring or repetitive in its menu.

Serviced accommodation offers a cost-effective solution for longer stays because prices are lower than a hotel. Generally speaking, you will pay 30% - 40% less when staying in serviced accommodation instead of a hotel. Furthermore, prices are often negotiable if you book serviced accommodation for longer stays. This means that lower prices can be offered, or optional extras can be included.

In addition to the lower prices of the serviced accommodation to make it a more cost-effective solution for longer stays than a hotel, there are VAT savings too. In the UK, VAT levels change from 20% to just 4% from the 28th day of the stay in serviced accommodation. This makes your longer stay in serviced accommodation even more cost-effective.

While longer stays in serviced accommodation are available to everyone, the most significant demand is from corporate travellers. These include executives, employees and project teams. Of course, these businesses and people in business gain from the cost-effectiveness of longer stays in serviced accommodation, but that is just for starters.

They often use serviced accommodation for longer stays to cover short-term projects, training programs and graduate schemes. In addition to these needs, they can use serviced accommodation to relocate employees and long-term projects.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a hotel room for months when working away. This is where serviced accommodation for longer stays can be so popular. It gives you the extra room and space to relax, prepare and eat your meals, or eat out where and when you choose.

The Apartment Service Global Report 2012 found that companies can achieve cost savings of around 15% to 30%. These savings can be made across accommodation, meals, laundry bills and internet connection charges. If two members of staff, or more, were to stay in a larger serviced accommodation, these savings would be further extended.

Are you looking for cost-effective serviced accommodation for longer stays? Call our team now to find out about our serviced accommodation and the long-stay discounts available.

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